Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Blog! First Post! Yeahya!

Hello to all that find their way to this page. My name is Tommy, and I started this blog as an alternative creative outlet for me.  I find that since graduating from college with a degree in fine art from The Ohio State University right here in wonderful Columbus, Ohio, my creative muscle has remained unflexed for quite some time and has turned into a slightly soggy, pudding like substance due to being left untouched.  I work in social work mon-fri and am a photographer on the nights and weekends.  I plan to use this blog as stated previously, a creative outlet.  I absolutely love music and I also plan to incorporate that into this.  As for now, this concludes my first post (my parents are on their way to Columbus and that means free dinner for me). Photos and opinions galore to come.

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