Sunday, March 4, 2012

From The Hips

I titled this post, "From The Hips", in reference to the method of not using the viewfinder on the camera and just kind of firing from the hips. You know? as seen in most action, shoot 'em up films in which the protagonist works his/her way through waves of enemies all of whom are firing their weapons without the slightest aim or concern from a low position adjacent to the referenced... "hip".  In those movies, firing from the hip never seems to work out well for the shooter, but I am posting these to show that sometimes, firing from the hips can pay off.  I don't recommend only shooting with this method, but hopefully you will agree with me that with anything creative and visual, a lack of technical/professional "know-how" can often lead to a very aesthetically pleasing finished product, and isn't that what we are really after in this business? I hope you all enjoy.  

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